Friday, 1 April 2011

"LEMONGRASS" was established in 2002, with the opening of the first "Lemongrass Cafe" at The Mines Shopping Fair. Its specialty is its unique home-cooked Malaysian cuisine.

“LEMONGRASS” or “serai” in Malay is a natural food flavouring and it is used in
beverages and dishes served in its restaurants. Lemongrass or the Malay language means the grass is a selection of these organizations in an effort to build a brand business. As the main ingredient, lemongrass is chosen as the available nutrients in the grass, are believed to cure many diseases.

The study of FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong) extracted from Utusan Malaysia, on June 21, 2010, the segment is the AGRO states lemongrass plants in the family of evergreen plants with botanical name Cymbopagen Graminanea citratus is believed to have originated from Sri Lanka consists of citral which can help reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure, artitris and also a cancer-killing agents.

Signature dishes like Asam Laksa, Curry Mee,Laksam, Bee Hoon Soup, Chicken Rendang,
Chicken Chop, Barbeque Steak, Sate Lilit are made more delicious with the use of “lemongrass”.

To purchase the finest products possible
- to prepare them fresh in our kitchen every day
- to serve them promptly and efficiently.

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